Re: [hatari-devel] Inconsistent behavior during Hatari startup and reset

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On 03/03/2018 08:40 PM, Uwe Seimet wrote:
1. When starting a program in the AUTO folder Hatari reports a
segmentation fault in SDLGui_CenterDig.

Why Hatari is presenting dialog at this point, is AUTO folder
program causing a double bus error (=emu halt + dialog)?

This is what Hatari is reporting:

HDC: READ SECTOR (t=0, lun=0, opc=8, cnt=0x1, ctrl=0x0) with LBA 0x98645 -> OK (0)
HDC: READ SECTOR (t=0, lun=0, opc=8, cnt=0x1, ctrl=0x0) with LBA 0x98646 -> OK (0)
Exception 2 (e0161e) at e0161e -> e01624!
Segmentation fault

Note that there is nothing wrong with the READ SECTOR commands, they are
not related to the crash.

Instead of displaying the dialog which allows to enter the debugger.

Can you provide the program that causes the double error and
our Hatari config file + command line?

	- Eero

When I press F12 before the
segmentation fault occurs, and then just click on OK, as soon as the fault
occurs I am offered to enter the debugger. Looks as if it requires to
press F12 in order for SDL to be properly initialized.

SDL1 or SDL2?

SDL 2.0.4, Linux

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