Re: [hatari-devel] Division overflow handling

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Looks as if the core issue of my problem was related to a problem caused
by what must be some kind of memory setup problem when using the
Extended VDI Mode and NVDI. In this case, if I have HDDRIVER.PRG in the
AUTO folder, as soon as I increase the BSS size of HDDRIVER by about 4
KB I get spurious crashes when booting.
I am just mentioning this for the record, I have no means of further
analyzing this.

Best regards


> Hi,
> I wonder whether the V flag is treated correctly in 68030 mode when there is
> an overflow. This is my code:
> 	move.l #1000000,d2
> 	divu #10,d2
> 	bvc.s l1
> 	move.l #100000,d2
> l1:	...
> I don't think this code (bvc) is executed correctly. Unfortunately I have
> problems debugging it, see my previous mail.
> Best regards
> Uwe

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