[hatari-devel] Problem with keyboard emulation in Hatari 2.1.0 (& earlier)

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With the following setup:
	Hatari 2.1.0 on Linux, using SDL 1.2.15
	TOS 2.06 booted
hold the Alt, Left (or Right) shift and an arrow key down.  The mouse cursor 
moves in the arrow direction, as expected.  Then press the Control key down as 
well: the mouse cursor movement stops.  To this point, the behaviour is exactly 
the same as real hardware.

Now release the Control key.  On real hardware, the mouse cursor starts to move 
again.  Under Hatari, it doesn't.

Tracing this situation with EmuTOS (which is where I first discovered this 
behaviour), we see that everything is OK until the Control key is pressed.  
When the Control key is processed (and not released), leaving all the other 
keys pressed, the keyboard processor sends the following sequence of key 
	0x1d		Control key pressed
	0xc8		Arrow key released
	0xaa		Left shift released
	0x9d		Control key released
	0xb8		Alt key released

Although this sequence of key presses isn't likely to be used very often, it's 
a clear difference between real hardware and Hatari emulation.


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