Re: New macOS 2.1.0 release candidate (Was: [hatari-devel] crash on the osx gui)

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"Keep desktop resolution" is checked in my config.

I'm on a retina Macbook Pro 15"

But in any case it doesn't seem to be a build issue :)


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 On February 15, 2018 11:21 PM, Nicolas Pomarède <npomarede@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Le 15/02/2018 à 23:05, Troed Sångberg a écrit :
>>Thank you for testing!
>>I'm not able to reproduce this on my 10.13.3 - I've tried switching to
>> fullscreen and back many times.
>>Anyone else?
>>Actually. looking at your screenshot it looks like your captured screen
>> is wider than a normal ST screen? The raster bars seem to have the
>> correct width, just going from memory.
> Hi
> I can get a similar result, where left/right space show content of the
> desktop before pressing F11, depending on the Hatari settings.
> left/right unused space is not filled with black if in the F12
> preferences under "Hatari screen" the choice "keep desktop resolution in
> fullscreen" is checked.
> If this choice is not checked, then Hatari really tries to change the
> video card resolution to go fullscreen and to adapt to the emulated
> screen size, which might not always be possible depending on the
> supported resolution of your video card.
> If for some reason you OS doesn't support this change of resolution,
> then it's better to use "keep dekstop res in fullscreen". This will try
> to fill the screen as much as possible, but without changing resolution.
> Troed, maybe this option is not checked in your case ?
> Sebastien, could you check and change it to test the result ?
> (I don't know if this option is available in the OS UI or if need to
> access it through F12 and the sdl UI)
> Nicolas

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