New macOS 2.1.0 release candidate (Was: [hatari-devel] crash on the osx gui)

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Hi all,

I have now tested the build from yesterday on 10.6 as well as having changed language to french and experienced no crashes when pressing ok in preferences, and verified that the reset/don't reset dialog works as intended.

Thus this is my proposed new 2.1.0 release .dmg:

Let's treat it as a release candidate for the next 24 hours and I'd welcome others testing it as well before publishing ;)

(On the other note below, my laptop now builds from mercurial every hour on the hour, as long as it's not sleeping where it seems to wake up more sporadically - some macos-thing)


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 On February 14, 2018 7:53 PM, Troed Sångberg <troed@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Indeed most of the changes I've done since 2.1.0 on my build system has been to prepare for it running much more often. It's a laptop though, today Mac servers aren't very common, and thus I don't think I can make a push system. There should be no real problem changing my cron job to run every hour instead of once a day though.
> In any case I manually ran a new build just now. Please test this binary with french language - if it's ok (and I'll verify on 10.6 myself as well) I will then use the .app from here and build a new release 2.1.0.
> regards,
> Troed
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