[hatari-devel] Inconsistent Hatari configuration directory

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Hi Hatarians,


Please find hereafter the description of a new bug:


Hatari Version: 2.1.0_3_osx

Host OS: macOS 10.13.3

Language: French

Description : The directory which is used by Hatari for loading/saving config files is not consistent between the preference window option and the file menu option.

Steps to reproduce:

1) Load a 'test' config from the preference window

2) Load the same config from the file menu

3) Insert a disk in drive A (directory containing disk images should be different from the 'test' config directory)

4) Load the 'test' config from the file menu: the config directory changed and is now the one containing the image inserted in drive A

5) Load the 'test' config from the preference window: the config directory is the same as during step 1)

=> Disk insertion modified the config directory of the file menu option, but not that of the preference window option.






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