Re: [hatari-devel] Screenshots are saved in Hatari installation directory

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Le 15/02/2018 à 23:51, Sebastien Laborie a écrit :

Hi Hatarians,

Please find hereafter the description of a new bug:

Hatari Version: 2.1.0_3_osx

Host OS: macOS 10.13.3

Language: French

Description : Screenshots are saved in Hatari installation directory.

Steps to reproduce:

- Install Hatari in a folder, run the emulator, take screenshots and verify that these screenshots (grabxxxx.png files) are saved in that foder.

- Do the same operation with the Applications folder (install Hatari there) and check that screenshots are now saved in the Applications folder!

This is a bit... unexpected (for macOS users at least :) )


this is not a bug, this is by design, hatari explicitely saves screenshots in the working directory, which is the one from where Hatari was started.

Maybe there could be an option like for "sound recording" where user can browse directory to choose the destination.


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