Re: [hatari-devel] cmake doesn't detect correctly the readline library on osx.

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On 02/14/2018 12:17 AM, benoît tuduri wrote:
I still have detection problems for readline with cmake, Look my cmake listing :

       [1] libedit detected like readline => it's ok , readline is
detected (attachement 01_log.txt)
       [2] readline 7.0.3
Note:  I forced to link my system to use the readline 7.0.3 :
$ brew link --force readline
       (attachement 02_log.txt)

I investigate why cmake is able to detect the right libreadline (
/Users/user/homebrew/lib/libreadline.dylib ) but not
rl_filename_completion_function. (attachment 03_log.txt)

To solve this detection problem, I changed some stuff in
FindReadme.cmake (attachment

And the detection works like a charm : (attachment 04_log.txt)

I hope the patch will not break under linux or windows or newer
versions of osx or macports.

Could you give me a feedback ?

Your change reverts partially change from last Sunday done to fix
library detection.

See the "cmake: check_symbol_exists" mail thread.

	- Eero

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