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A new build was just created which includes this change.

I'm reworking my build system a bit since 2.1.0. It now automatically creates full .dmgs instead of just .apps (and, I hope, they're beautified a bit) and the included change.log is cleaner to read, and includes all changes since latest official build (instead of just the delta from the build before).

(I've also upped the included SDL version to 2.0.7, from 2.0.5, to see if that helps with the reports on stuttering/desynced mouse pointer movements)

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 On February 12, 2018 3:03 AM, Bob Carpenter <hatari@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Thank you for the quick reply. That change did fix the problem. I have attached a diff file with the one line change to SDLMain.m in the src/gui-osx directory. For some reason, I have been unable to compile Hatari 2.1.0 correctly so it will use the v5 CAPSImage framework. Therefore, I will wait to see if Troed compiles a nightly macOS build that includes this change (if the change is accepted).

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