[hatari-devel] Reversed actions on Reset the Emulator in Load Config option - macOS version

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I saw this message on Atari-Forum:

One small issue. The dialog seen here on macOS Sierra (English):
File -> Load config…

The buttons still work opposite of what they say. Previous version had the same issue.

I noticed the same behavior. If you select “Don’t reset” (the second button which is the default button), it will reset Hatari. However, if you select the first button “Reset”, it does not reset Hatari and reverts the values to their previous values.

This appears to be the area of the code with the problem, but I do not read Objective C well enough to fix it:
if (Change_DoNeedReset(&CurrentParams, &ConfigureParams))
applyChanges = [NSApp myAlerte:NSInformationalAlertStyle Txt:localize(@"Reset the emulator") firstB:localize(@"Don't reset")
alternateB:localize(@"Reset") otherB:nil informativeTxt:@"" ] == NSAlertFirstButtonReturn ;
if (applyChanges)
Change_CopyChangedParamsToConfiguration(&CurrentParams, &ConfigureParams, true); // Ok with Reset
ConfigureParams = CurrentParams;   //Restore previous Params.

The French localization appears to have the same behavior where “Don’t reset” will reset the emulator and “Reset” will retain the previous values and not reset the emulator. Is this something you can change easily? I admit that I have started using the Load Config option in Preferences which does not have this problem since it uses a different alert box to ask the question.

Bob C

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