Re: [hatari-devel] Enabling NatFeats support

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On 01/28/2018 11:23 PM, Thorsten Otto wrote:
On Sonntag, 28. Januar 2018 22:00:47 CET Eero Tamminen wrote:
debug options like --natfeats

Natfeats are not only for debugging. The (recently added) feature SCSI
interface is driven by it, and also a feature that makes it possible to
properly shutdown the emulator from the atari side (Mint uses this, and also

Any idea how much use host SCSI & MiNT are used with Hatari?

For starters, host SCSI needs HD driver to work with...

And there are some feature defined that are just currently not
implemented by Hatari. So for this particular case, it might make
sense to add a GUI option for it.

I guess best place for such an option would be "system" dialog
and there's even enough space for an extra checkbox.

Any proposals for good enough label that tells users well
enough what it's for?

On 01/28/2018 11:00 PM, Eero Tamminen wrote:
> These options are for developers, and at least I expect developers
> to be able to come up with one-liner shell scripts / BAT files
> for options which typing is starting to become bothersome.

Or know how to add extra shortcut & option for a program to
a desktop.  Even Atari desktops supports doing that.

	- Eero

PS. One of the reasons why NatFeats isn't enabled by default, is
the security aspect.  NatFeats gives more access to the emulation,
starting from identifying that program is being run under specific

(Malicious programs targeting Hatari sounds pretty unlike in our
small niche, but distro maintainers sometimes ask about emulator
security aspects.)

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