Re: [hatari-devel] Bug in Hatari 2.0

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On 01/26/2018 04:33 AM, Roger Burrows wrote:
Since I see that Hatari is about to get a new release, I thought I should check
if the following bug is fixed yet.  I haven't tried any of the development
releases, since I'm really just a Hatari user, so it may already be fixed ...

2.0 has so many bugs, that I would really recommend just building latest
version from Mercurial.  On most Linux distros, it's pretty trivial
(install cmake & sdl devel package, configure && make).

This is in the Linux version:

1. Start Hatari from the shell with e.g. TOS 2.06 US as the default ROM

With which:
- Atari configuration
- Linux distro
- SDL version

For example, TOS 2.06 US version shows following on console with every
key press & mouse click, if it's started with ST instead of STE:
Bus Error at address $ffff8a00, PC=$e014f6 addr_e3=e014f8 op_e3=4a68

2. Press F12 to get the main menu
3. Decide you don't want to do any changes after all, and just press OK

By "press OK", do you mean:
* Pressing Enter/Return key, or
* Clicking on the OK button with mouse

4. Watch Hatari go into a loop with the following message repeated in the
window you launched it from:
"Illegal instruction: 0008 at 00FA002A -> 04E010E2"

I've never seen issues with Hatari options menu opening/closing.

Where did you get your build?  Are you sure you it doesn't have some
issue with build / timestamp mismatch, i.e. can the issue be
reproduced after doing:
	make clean && make

If you press Cancel in step 3, it works fine.  "That is illogical, Captain".
And it catches me every time.

Does it happen also if you actually do some change before pressing OK?

What if you select "Reset machine" before pressing OK?

	- Eero

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