Re: [hatari-devel] EmuTOS + 68040 + GEMDOS drive

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Le 04/12/2017 à 15:47, Thorsten Otto a écrit :
BTW there might be another issue, that might be relevant only when using MMU.
Don't know how exact the cache emulation of Hatari is, but if you configure
some pages to be WB, then some data might be only valid in the cache, but not
in memory. In that case, the contents of the cache have to be flushed to
memory by functions like GEMDOS_Write().

WinUAE cpu emulation supports writeback/copyback mode.
As you say, with the current "simpler" method of flushing everything, some cache entries in 68040/60 mode might be lost and corresponding data not updated in the related page.

As Toni wrote, a better fine-grained solution would be to simulate a call to cpush in that case to invalidate just 1 address.

But I don't know if TOS itself or EmuTos are using WB mode or if they default to writethrough ?

That's something to keep on the todo list for later ;)


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