[hatari-devel] EmuTOS + 68040 + GEMDOS drive

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I use Hatari HG freshly built for Windows/Cygwin.

I have noticed a bug with EmuTOS, starting from version 0.9.8. That version has the particularity to enable the data cache on 68040 and 68060.

How to reproduce:
- use 68040 CPU
- use EmuTOS 0.9.8 or higher *
- use GEMDOS drive emulation
- start Hatari
- open C:
- see first folder duplicated many times (see screenshot).

If I uncheck "Prefecth mode, slower", then the problem disappears.

Have you any hint to determine if the problem comes from Hatari or EmuTOS?

* I advise you to use latest EmuTOS snapshot, which fixes 24-bit address bus issue with 68040.

Vincent Rivière

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