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Vincent Rivière schrieb:

> Hi.
> I'm a bit lost here... What is the current status of that issue, in Hatari?

I know I said (a long time ago) I'd look into this. I tried to reverse
engineer the corner cases (e.g. XCOUNT=1 with FXSR, NFSR) from the
schematic, but it turned out to be quite complex. I thought about
simulating that part of the Blitter, but then I didn't have the time to
translate the schematic into a model. Sorry!

> Concretely, I have just noticed a bug in EmuTOS, when drawing half-icons 
> with Blitter.
As for the EmuTOS bug, wouldn't it be the best way to look how Atari TOS
is using the Blitter? That way it would work on real HW as well as on
Hatari. Then we can leave fixing the Hatari "inaccuracy" for later...

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