[hatari-devel] TOS v4 / TT-RAM issue with floppy images

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When running TOS tester, I came across strange problem with TOS v4.

This works:
hatari --tos tos404.img --machine falcon --memsize 4 --addr24 off --ttram 0 bootdesk.st.gz

But if I change the TT-RAM amount to something else than zero,
TOS claims that the floppy is damaged.

This issue happens only with TOS v4 (not EmuTOS), and only
when enabling both TT-RAM and floppy at the same time.

With all the other configuration combinations the disk works
fine. --fastfdc or --fast-boot options don't change anything.

Disk image is one from Hatari repository:

TOS error message comes when TOS autostarts the program, or
user tries to manually run it.

TOS v4 or Hatari issue?

	- Eero

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