Re: [hatari-devel] symbols not always loaded when entering debugger ?

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On 11/12/2017 06:55 PM, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
another thing I noticed with symbols : if I start a program I compiled (by running "hatari test.prg") and press alt+pause, I enter debugger and symbols are loaded :

SPEED: 227.6 VBL/s (849/3.7s), diff=0.0%

You have entered debug mode. Type c to continue emulation, h for help.
Reading symbols from program 'test.prg' symbol table...
TOS executable, DRI / GST symbol table, reloc=0, program flags: PRIVATE (0x0)
Trying to load symbol table at offset 0x3bbc...
Loaded 45 symbols from 'test.prg'.
CPU=$129a6, VBL=849, FrameCycles=160324, HBL=0, LineCycles=68, DSP=N/A

But if my program crashes with an address error for example, it will display 3 bombs and if I press alt+pause, then debugger is started, but symbols are not loaded from test.prg this time :

Address Error at address $10001, PC=$12c58 addr_e3=12c5a op_e3=4e75
SPEED: 246.3 VBL/s (1515/6.2s), diff=0.0%

You have entered debug mode. Type c to continue emulation, h for help.

CPU=$e0339c, VBL=1515, FrameCycles=160342, HBL=0, LineCycles=86, DSP=N/A

I would expect symbols to be loaded in all cases, is there a reason for this ?

As far as I see, they should be loaded also with exceptions,
if they get get loaded with normal debugger invocation.

Could you provide me with your test program?

(Only reasons not loading symbols should be some error in handling
the symbol table, for which you would get a warning, or if Hatari
cannot locate the program i.e. if it hasn't been loaded through

Also, now that debugger is aware of terminal's size, could it be possible to display more than only 8 symbols at once and "--- q to exit listing, just enter to continue ---" but to display one full page each time ?

As mentioned by Otto, and documented in release-notes.txt, you need
to remove your current nDisasmLines / nMemdumpLines setting values
(which force pager to page 8 lines), or set them to negative value.

	- Eero

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