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Le 13/08/2017 à 14:32, Anders Eriksson a écrit :
The invitation works on Mega STe, but as the doc writes it's one write shorter per line. Question is what you mean with shifted? As the plasma is 8 px shorted, I centered it with an extra nop, is that what you mean by shifted?

What the hell, let's try Troeds latest Hatari and see what it looks like in MSTe mode...

Now tested, it looks like expected with 5 px of bg from the previous line. In hindsight, for the emulator sake, it would perhaps have been better to not have the center-nop and let the colour at the right border become "long". At the time of doing the demo, I'm not sure Hatari had a (working) Mega STe mode, if it did, I was unaware of it. 505 did the Mega STe testings and it's very likely that his monitor didn't see that far out in the border.


this is what I see when I set Hatari to mega STE mode : instead of being "vertical" (starting from the left border), we see the result is diagonal, which means that there're more cycles per line than the expected 512 cycles.

Is that what you see under the OSX build too ? It's not that the color transitions are visible, but it shouldn't be diagonal like this I guess ?

Maybe there something wrong in the way Hatari "respond" to the mege STE detection in this demo. Do you test ff8e21 to detect mega STE, or sthg else ?


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