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Le 21/06/2017 à 20:44, David Savinkoff a écrit :

I'm in favor of an optional 0.9 pixel scale factor if
doesn't impact performance when not enabled.
Maybe several methods can be provided.

One of the methods could be that Hatari provides
the scale data so that it can be used by a monitor
or graphics system that cares.


with recent SDL2 and HW acceleration, scaling a surface should be at nearly no cost. Also, video card can do billinear or better pixel interpolation for "free".

Another method is to construct 'gamer glasses'
from a cheap pair of coke bottle quality reading
glasses, and bending them to a 0.9 aspect ratio.
(Probably the next big thing -- Look for it.  %)

Does Hatari currently put scale meta-data in the
video capture file?

No, IIRC I used a scale factor of 1 for both X and Y. Either this could be changed in the avi file (but I'm not sure every body likes this), or you can just resize the video player to the correct ratio.

But in any cases, only when additional at least x2 or x3 scaling is used at the same time, else pixel interpolation will look really bad when using only 320x200 resolution. With 1920x1080 resolution, if ST output is zoomed to fit the screen, there's enough pixels to have a smooth transition with a 0.9 pixel ratio. Also, a monitor capable of doing g-sync or freesync at a multiple of 50 Hz would be best for perfect scrolling without tearing.


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