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Le 19/06/2017 à 20:40, David Savinkoff a écrit :
----- Thomas Huth wrote:
On 18.06.2017 16:16, Troed Sångberg wrote:
I re-iterate that the current aspect ratio is wrong

I think no one denies that - it's just that nobody had time to implement
correct aspect ratio in Hatari yet ;-)

Atari pixels are
0.9/1 and anyone who cares about round objects looking round either when
developing in Hatari for use on target, or for watching stuff made on
target long ago on a modern monitor, you _need_ to change the aspect ratio.

By the way, I think the same aspect ratio problem also applies to DVD
video. If you've got some spare time, have a look at Monty's talk here:

So if that info in that video is right, the correct ratio is likely
10:11 (instead of 9:10).


To get these aspect ratios, I think stretching the y-axis is better
than shrinking the x-axis.
Use SDL2 or add extra scan line every 10th line?
How much 'monitor emulation' should be done in Hatari?

Eventually, some CRT like filters (as in MAME or WinUAE) could be used to emulate curved CRT monitor and scanlines (as well as zooming), but I don't think anyone has time to work on this at the moment.


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