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On 10 May 2017 at 20:45, Christian Zietz wrote:
> PS: I'm still interested if the COMBO chip or the Falcon's Blitter work
> the same here.

OK, attached is a ZIP with the following:
.. modified C source to write info to file instead of screen
.. resulting binary
.. FALCON1.TXT->FALCON5.TXT: these are results of 5 different runs
  of the modified binary under TOS 4.04 on my Falcon.  All the sets
  of results seem to be different!
  Note: In case you care, FALCON1.TXT/FALCON4.TXT are the first runs
  immediately after a cold boot.
.. ST1.TXT->ST2.TXT: results from 2 runs on a 1040STe.  These seem
  to be consistent.


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