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Hi Eero,

TOS bombing out after *.INF autostart, isn't that strange,
old TOS versions seem to do that always.

See also doc/todo.txt part about autostart.
I see what you mean. However, my use case is a bit different, none of the mentioned symptoms apply to it, see below. 

While HDDRUTIL is HD Driver tool, Hatari's hd80mb.image example
has AHDI driver pre-installed.  Which driver you have installed
on your image?
No no, this has nothing to do with HD Driver, I can reproduce it with any app.

See above, as soon as GEMDOS HD is out of game, everything is OK.

I tried following:
hatari -m --acsi hd80mb.image -d hddr904/ --gemdos-drive k --auto "K:\HDDRUTIL.APP"

I.e. HDDRUTIL from HD Driver v9.04, and it autostarted fine
with all the TOS versions & machine types I tested.  Same
thing with 9.02 demo version.
Autostarted, yes. Working after that -- not really. The use case is:
- start any app using the command line with your new code
- the app will run and behave as usual
- quit the app (or let it quit by itself)
- press any 'meaningful' key (i.e. not shift/alt but 'A', ALT+'A' and so on)
- crash

It's not related to opening folders or anything, it's purely about keyboard. Reproduced on the basic (created after start) Hatari + TOS 2.06de + the command line above.

MiKRO / Mystic Bytes

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