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As you're not using "--auto" option, this means that you need
to be in the directory where the APP resides and it equals to
to "-d . --auto C:\HDDRUTIL.APP".
Oh, true. This:

hatari --acsi 0=hd80mb.image --gemdos-drive K --auto 'K:\HDDRUTIL.APP' .

really works, amazing! It's tricky not to forget the last dot. :)
TOS bombing out after *.INF autostart, isn't that strange,
old TOS versions seem to do that always.  I'm wondering
whether AHDI has any impact with your newer TOS version...
I'm not sure I'm following -- if I set 'auto' manually (command line contains just the acsi image, no gemdos drive) in the desktop and reboot, everything is fine. If I use either K:\HDDRUTIL.APP or just HDDRUTIL.APP (I copied the file to the ACSI image, too) from command line, it seems to crash after first key press. This seems like something goes wrong in the gemdos emulation.

Does same happen if you use floppy image (with HDDRUTIL)
instead of ACSI image?
See above, as soon as GEMDOS HD is out of game, everything is OK.

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