Re: [hatari-devel] Systematic launch tests

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On 26 Mar 2017 at 21:35, Eero Tamminen wrote:
> EmuTOS should AFAIK support both IDE & ACSI on any
> machine.  It does work fine with ACSI on ST/STE/TT,
> but even latest snapshot doesn't work with Falcon,
> either with ACSI or IDE.
> That could be EmuTOS issue.
I'm not sure what you mean by this.  In Hatari Falcon mode, ACSI isn't present, 
so EmuTOS can't use it.  If you add an IDE disk image, EmuTOS will access it 
fine (and has done since at least 0.9.0).  Don't forget that the image has to 
be byte-swapped.


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