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On 03/26/2017 06:00 PM, Cocoa Pod wrote:
Because of crash that I had in the launch of Hatari, I made systematic tests of launch for ST, Mega ST, STE, Mega STE, TT, Falcon.
I used image of disket (See
I used hdimage80.img (HD ACSI) taken on Hatari site
I used the folder hst as disks GEMDOS C, D, E, F (contained: see
Tests consist in changing parameters, in launching Hatari then in opening the used media
Results are contained in the file HatariTest.ods

Falcon, a lot of setup do not work.

"A*	Always black & White, never colored."

What's the problem of monochrome mode being black & white?

"B*	hdimage80 never found"

* With Falcon, you need to use IDE instead of ACSI
* However, AHDI driver on that HD image doesn't support
  IDE, only ACSI (the image may actually be from before
  Hatari supported IDE or Falcon)

-> So, it not working with TOS v4 is expected.

When I used HD Driver v9.04 from a boot floppy, with
"--ide-master hd80.image" option, the disk worked fine
with Falcon / TOS v4.

EmuTOS should AFAIK support both IDE & ACSI on any
machine.  It does work fine with ACSI on ST/STE/TT,
but even latest snapshot doesn't work with Falcon,
either with ACSI or IDE.

That could be EmuTOS issue.

"C* 	Hatari window totaly black"

TOS v4.04 doesn't support VDI mode, so it not working
is expected, and Hatari even tells you that.

TT, size of the Hatari window seems abnormal in Mono.

TT monochrome mode (TT-high) is much larger:

You get ST-high (duochrome) resolution on TT only with
RGB monitors, as you can see when you open TOS v3
resolution dialog.

Only ST/STE/Falcon monochrome mode is 640x400.

	- Eero

PS. Hatari has an automated tester for most of the things
you tested.  Hard disk image testing isn't automated, but
the other things (and more) are:

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