Re: [hatari-devel] FPU update

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On Monday 23 January 2017 18:47:55 Andreas Grabher wrote:
> Theoretically i'd only need to test through all kinds of operands once
> (normal in range, denormal, zero, infinity (all +/-), nan and snan) and
> for some functions produce some special conditions (underflow, overflow).
> For the dyadic operations we'd need to test all combinations (normal +
> normal, normal + denormal, normal + zero ... denormal + zero, denormal +
> infitiniy ...).

You should take a look at the testsuite of glibc. There is a file auto-libm-
test-in that is ~115K. That file is processed by a script to generate the 
actual testcases. That outfile is ~31MB....  so that may give you a hint how 
many testcases there might be.

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