Re: [hatari-devel] Re: FPU update

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>     I tried to compile it (without any message/file handling) without
>     success.. (vasm for example simply hangs, others give unexplained
>     errors)
> BTW the VASM I am using may be configured with different defaults for
> TOS output. You might have to specify Devpac syntax manually (?). I use
> either -Ftos or -Faout/-Felf depending on how I'm linking but that
> shouldn't be an issue.

I don't bother with compilation anymore, emutos works fine :)

I hope Andreas have some ideas for FSGLxxx-errors but FABS/FNEG error is
confusing, does it mean some extra test is missing? I tried to check for
NaN and skip the operation if it was Nan but it didn't fix it.

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