Re: [hatari-devel] Debuggers/programs with 68020+ T0-trace support

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>> I finally implemented more accurate UAE 68020+ T0 trace (trace when
>> program flow changes) mode emulation. This was probably the last part of
>> UAE 680x0 emulation that I had never touched until now..
>> Unfortunately I don't have any real world tests cases (I don't know
>> which Amiga debuggers, if any, use it). I did some quick tests against
>> real 68030 and it seems to work correctly now but there are probably
>> some instructions that still don't work exactly right.
>> Perhaps there are some Atari debuggers that require it?
> Hi
> In this thread
> there
> was a question about T0 bit in 68020+ cpu.
> Maybe you could ask JimDrew if he has a specific test case that uses it
> ? (or maybe he already contacted you and that's why you improved t0
> support ? :) )

Yes, he mentioned about it few months ago. I waited for final winuae 3.4
first, didn't want to break anything too close to release.

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