Re: [hatari-devel] Debuggers/programs with 68020+ T0-trace support

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Le 10/01/2017 à 18:56, Toni Wilen a écrit :

I finally implemented more accurate UAE 68020+ T0 trace (trace when
program flow changes) mode emulation. This was probably the last part of
UAE 680x0 emulation that I had never touched until now..

Unfortunately I don't have any real world tests cases (I don't know
which Amiga debuggers, if any, use it). I did some quick tests against
real 68030 and it seems to work correctly now but there are probably
some instructions that still don't work exactly right.

Perhaps there are some Atari debuggers that require it?


In this thread there was a question about T0 bit in 68020+ cpu.

Maybe you could ask JimDrew if he has a specific test case that uses it ? (or maybe he already contacted you and that's why you improved t0 support ? :) )

For those who don't know, T0 bit allow to trigger a trace exception only on change of flow (bra, jsr, jmp, ...). It's similar to what monst or other debuggers offer in software, except it's done directly in the cpu. T1 bit in 68020+ cpu is similar to the T bit in 68000 (ie, trace on all instructions)


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