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Le 17/12/2016 à 10:25, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

Sorry, reading other patches, I noticed that the validate function
provides backwards compatibility, if value is <= 14, it's interpreted
as MBs instead of KBs, which is used both for config & options.


Yes, I sometimes read too fast too :) I just need to add a similar check for TT RAM in config file to load older value in MB.

So it's fine, sorry again for too hasty comment.

Other comments:
* You added "mem" trace option, but no tracepoints using it?

will come later, this will be used to trace mem config changes

* TT-RAM change is IMHO superfluous and it changes meaning of memory
  shapshot value, so memory snapshots with TT-RAM aren't anymore
  compatible.  What if you instead would add _MB extension to
  TTRamSize variable?

Yes I know, but since memory snapshot is already no more compatible with 2.0.0 anyway (as you made some changes to it lately, and other changes will certainly come later), I think it's not a problem if unit is changed as you can't load an older snapshot with hatari dev version anyway.


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