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Sorry, reading other patches, I noticed that the validate function
provides backwards compatibility, if value is <= 14, it's interpreted
as MBs instead of KBs, which is used both for config & options.

So it's fine, sorry again for too hasty comment.

Other comments:
* You added "mem" trace option, but no tracepoints using it?
* TT-RAM change is IMHO superfluous and it changes meaning of memory
  shapshot value, so memory snapshots with TT-RAM aren't anymore
  compatible.  What if you instead would add _MB extension to
  TTRamSize variable?

	- Eero

On 12/17/2016 11:13 AM, Eero Tamminen wrote:
On 12/14/2016 08:03 PM, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
as part of some ongoing changes I'm working on, I added some new options
to allow RAM size using 128 KB, 256 KB or 512 KB in a more flexible way
than what was used before by specifying only a number of MB.
So, it's now possible to configure Hatari to use 256 KB or 2.5 MB for

I also updated/renamed nMemorySize and nTTRamSize to STRamSize_KB and
TTRamSize_KB for consistency and readability (only in the code, the
config file still uses nMemorySize and nTTRamSize, although this could
be changed too).

As it uses different units, it should use different config file options.
Working defaults are better than earlier saved values that are nowadays

Changing meaning of command line arguments is maybe even worse.
People don't know why things don't anymore work with their old scripts
when you do that.

You should add another option for KBs and either return error for
the old option, or (preferable) just multiply the given value by

(One of the scripts is the Hatari TOS-boot tester which is used before
releases to validate that Hatari still works with all TOS versions.)

Both variables are now in KB instead of MB to allow sizes not multiple
of MB.

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