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I didn't know about this eject.
On a real atari, the data are copied on floppy (there's no eject).

It's a bit strange and confusing. Anyway, thanks for the tip, I'll redo my floppy and test again.

Le 26/11/2016 à 00:43, Nicolas Pomarède a écrit :
Le 26/11/2016 à 00:39, Laurent Sallafranque a écrit :
Sorry for the spam ;)

Finally, I've created a 82 tracks 18 sectors and I've copied again all
the files of the game on this floppy and the game runs and works well.
I'm curently playing it ;)

So Ishar 1 works under hatari.

But I've switched to hatari 1.8 to test previous versions of the
emulator and my floppy appears empty  (0 bytes)
I've switched back to hatari current dev version and again, my floppy
appears empty.

There's something wrong with floppies I think, but at least Ishar 1 worked.


maybe you didn't eject floppy before exiting Hatari ? In that case, the modified content is not saved on the .ST image, so you will loose the files you copied.


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