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So, I've copied all the files of the 1st disk on a 1.44 Mo floppy.
Same for the second disk.

When I insert the first Ishar disk into the drive A, the game runs better (I mean it goes to the Silmarils logo with the gems animations and the little sound). then, the LED A blinks, and become green and the loading stops after some loading (it display 00:00:06:1 in the statusbar)

I'll try to get when it stops again.

This confirms that the problem is not videl nor cycles exact but only that Ishar 1 must be run from a floppy.
I'll check also Ishar 2, but I think it's the same bahaviour.


Le 25/11/2016 à 23:49, Laurent Sallafranque a écrit :
I'm doing some more tests:
I've created to 1.44Mo floppy disks with hatari and I'm curently copying the files of Ishar 1 on the 2 floppy.

Something strange :

When I enable floppy drive 1 and I insert the 1st floppy into and I enable the 2nd floppy drive and select the 2nd floppy into the drive B, I would have expected to have 2 floppy drives (A and B) actives with a floppy in the drive A and another floppy in the drive B.

But when I double click on the desktop icon of the drive B, the emulated falcon ask me to instert the floppy B into the drive A ...

Is it normal ?


Le 25/11/2016 à 23:24, Eero Tamminen a écrit :

On 11/26/2016 12:22 AM, Laurent Sallafranque wrote:
I've given a closer look at ishar 1 and ishar 2 on Falcon.
They are both "installed" on my hatari falcon hard drive in a directory
Ishar_1 and Ishar_2.

When I launch them, the program loop forever in these lines :
The Trap BIOS 7 is : get floppy disk boot sector. This means that a
floppy disk has to be present in the floppy disk drive.

So, the problem with Ishar 1 and Ishar 2 is absolutely not a problem of
Videl or cycles or whatever but just that the games should be on floppy
disks and not on the hard drive.
(From what I understand of the problem).
Can someone confirm ?

There are few programs with which it's enough to have some
disk in floppy drive, but otherwise they work fine from
hard disk.

Do your Ishar 1 & 2 work from HD with Mercurial tip version
of Hatari if you have (e.g. empty) floppy in?

And do they freeze with Hatari 2.0 & earlier even in that case
(i.e. did they also have the Videl address counter issue, so
that I can properly update docs)?

    - Eero

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