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$ port info makeicns
makeicns @1.4.10a_2 (graphics)
Variants:             universal

Description:          This program lets you convert all kinds of images to Apple icns format on the command line.

Platforms:            darwin
License:              MIT
Maintainers:          mk@xxxxxxxxxxxx, pixilla@xxxxxxxxxxxx

$ ./makeicns 
makeicns v1.1 (20090413)

Usage: makeicns [k1=v1] [k2=v2] ...

Keys and values include:
    512: Name of input image for 512x512 variant of icon
    256: Name of input image for 256x256 variant of icon
    128: Name of input image for 128x128 variant of icon
     32: Name of input image for 32x32 variant of icon
     16: Name of input image for 16x16 variant of icon
     in: Name of input image for all variants not having an explicit name
    out: Name of output file, defaults to first nonempty input name,
         but with icns extension


  makeicns -512 image.png -32 image.png
      Creates image.icns with only a 512x512 and a 32x32 variant.

  makeicns -in myfile.jpg -32 otherfile.png -out outfile.icns
      Creates outfile.icns with sizes 512, 256, 128, and 16 containing data
      from myfile.jpg and with size 32 containing data from otherfile.png.

On Nov 12, 2016, at 11:35 AM, Cocoa Pod <cocoa.pod@xxxxxxx> wrote:

I don’t know any command line which convert SVG->PNG -> icns !

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