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I've now gone through quite a few Falcon games.

Except for Humans and Ishar 1/2/3 which I don't
have (and would like somebody else to check),
I've checked all programs that had earlier problems,
and did also some cross-checks for things that have
worked earlier.

There are few regressions, but I don't know at
which point / Hatari version they've happened:

* Douglas' Bad Mood WAD object cache creation hangs
  (in a tight loop).  The game itself still works if
  up to date cache is present though

* Tank Blaster game requires now, similarly to 4getful
  demo on TT, disabling exact CPU emulation & more
  compatible CPU mode.  Both work fine with old UAE
  CPU core though

* Lasers and Hommes doesn't start.  It may be quite
  a while since that has worked

Capy game works with new Hatari better and I noticed
that couple of problematic games just needed to be
run with VGA (which wasn't mentioned in their docs).

Tomorrow I'll go through most of the demos that haven't
worked, but I won't be cross-checking much of the things
that have worked.

	- Eero

Ps. Everything where I updated notes (even just removing
dangling '.'), I did check.  Anything that's marked with
orange or red color and doesn't say version to be "2.0"
hasn't been checked yet.

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