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Hello, all

I wanted to introduce myself. 

I've been packaging hatari for MacPorts for the last while now. My original computer was an Atari STFM, circa 1986, which I chipped up to 1MB of RAM and used for many years until it got old and I could afford a Mac. 

 FYI in Macports, hatari 1.9 builds nicely on all systems, from 10.4 PPC (where it runs very well) right on up to El Cap. I haven't actually tried Sierra yet, although I have it installed and will get to that soonish. The macOS GUI builds from 10.6 up in macports; below that you get the SDL gui, which is very usable as well.

On the devel version, I just build the latest tip of the mercurial source last night on 10.6 with clang-3.7 and the 10.6 SDK, but it would not build the macOS gui due to the new xib and some of the most recent changes to the NSModalButton. I have newer machines downstairs that no doubt will build this through to completion with newer SDKs.

As you know, the MacPorts process is to be able to build the application directly on the system it will run on. For this, I'm in luck, as I have a running version of almost every macOS system available here, from 10.4 PPC & Intel right on up. Bit of a collector.

I really like what you've put together, and although i know there are nice MacOS releases, Macports hopes to follow along as well so that people can tinker with the build more easily.



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