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I've tested some Falcon Music disks from DHS (smell of old electronic by example or amanita). There were lots of glitches in the sound and now, it's perfect (I rediscover these music).

I've tested many demos / games and I can notice an improvement.

The little problems I list just after were already noticed to have sound problems.

I've given a try to Chaos-AD demo (listed in the compatibility list). It's still very noisy (I'll have to try it on my Falcon to compare the sound quality here).
That's very probably not related to the fix.

I've tested 68xxx (also listed in the falcon compatibility list). It's said the music is broken. Now it runs well and perfect.

Just for info, I wanted to test a demo I didn't know : "Sterrcus accidit" and I get the following in the console : FPU EXCEPTION 0 OP=F200-110E EA=00000000 PC=000513F6 -> 00E00FB6
Exception 3 (53a96) at 53a96 -> e00fb6!

I've tested the game "Downfall". The sound is still very noisy. It's very funny because it sounds like the sound is related to the FPSs (sometimes it plays faster or slower , at different frequencies). very strange.

I'll do more tests.


Le 07/10/2016 à 22:04, Nicolas Pomarède a écrit :
Le 25/09/2016 à 13:36, Jerome Vernet a écrit :

I can't have any music in Falcon Mode, whatever I can do.

The only sound is the keyboard click.


can you try with the latest changes I pushed to dev tree ?

In case it doesn't change anything, what game/demo doesn't work ?


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