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----- Roger Burrows wrote:
> I'm using the Hatari 1.9.0 release version under Linux, built via cmake (I was 
> using the default setup, so I assume I got the old UAE core).

> Interface 2.30 crashes during its startup on TOS 4.04, TOS 1.04 and EmuTOS.
I assume this is SDL-2.0.3 ... windowed mode, or full-screen, or other?
hatari-1.9.0 has experimental SDL2 support, SDL1 is preferable here.
later hatari versions prefer SDL2
Also be sure you are using a fresh .hatari/hatari.cfg

> I'm not familiar with Hatari build options, but based on the info in the 
> readme.txt file, I manually changed ENABLE_WINUAE_CPU from 0 to 1 in the 
> CMakeLists.txt file, and rebuilt.  I have the same problem.  I couldn't see 
> anywhere how to determine whether I'm using the new core.
You are correct, hatari-1.9.0 gives no indication. You must trust that you
compiled hatari-1.9.0 with the WINUAE core given the options you used.
If you compile and run hatari with both of each cores, you will see some

> Does anyone have it running successfully on either core?  Am I building 
> correctly?  How do I tell which core I'm using?
hatari-1.9.0 defaults to OLDUAE and SDL1, this should work if you have SDL1
 (WINUAE also works with hatari-1.9.0 + SDL1)
hatari latest devel defaults to WINUAE and SDL2, this works if you have SDL2
You can have both SDL1 and SDL2 on your computer.

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