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Am Thu, 19 May 2016 13:03:14 -0400
schrieb "Roger Burrows" <anodyne@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Now I must apologise for an error: originally I said that the Falcon
> had DIP switches, then I said I was wrong, because I couldn't find
> any docs.  Well, now I've found the docs and my original statement
> was (mostly) correct: the Falcon does return DIP switch values at the
> same address as the TT.  They're not actually DIP switches on the
> motherboard: they're half-moons that can be connected by soldering,
> but the effect is the same.

Thanks for the description, Roger, I've now added that Falcon register
to Hatari, too.

> A sidenote: has anyone ever seen a quad density floppy?  I wonder
> (but not very much) if TOS 4.04 actually supports them.

Should that be a 2.88 MB floppy (ED)? I've never seen one in real life.
And as far as I can see, TOS 4.04 only checks the uppermost bits after
reading the ff9200 register:

$00e0042e : 3038 9200                  move.w    $ffff9200.w,d0
$00e00432 : e048                       lsr.w     #8,d0
$00e00434 : 20c0                       move.l    d0,(a0)+
$00e00436 : 721f                       moveq     #$1f,d1
$00e00438 : 20fc 5f53 4e44             move.l    #'_SND',(a0)+
$00e0043e : 0800 0007                  btst      #7,d0
$00e00442 : 6604                       bne.s     $e00448
$00e00444 : 0881 0001                  bclr      #1,d1
$00e00448 : 20c1                       move.l    d1,(a0)+
$00e0044a : 0800 0006                  btst      #6,d0
$00e0044e : 6614                       bne.s     $e00464
$00e00450 : 13fc 0008 0000 16d4        move.b    #8,$16d4
$00e00458 : 20fc 5f46 4443             move.l    #'_FDC',(a0)+
$00e0045e : 20fc 0141 5443             move.l    #$1415443,(a0)+
$00e00464 : 20fc 5f46 5055             move.l    #'_FPU',(a0)+


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