Re: [hatari-devel] Xbios interception?

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On 04/21/2016 02:05 AM, Roger Burrows wrote:
On 21 Apr 2016 at 0:44, Eero Tamminen wrote:
I also have patch implementing support for Dbmsg:

I.e. Atari XBios call for showing application messages
and invoking debugger, which in Hatari case would invoke
Hatari debugger when XBios interception is enabled.

Does anybody know any program using this API, or
otherwise have a use-case for it?

The Atari debugger (distributed to developers) uses it.  See:
for documentation.

That implements (provides) the API, I was more interested about
whether there's anything that actually uses it, so that I could
test that Hatari's implementation works OK.

Is there any program that has left these calls into the production
version version of its binary that's still available?  Preferably
something where one can actually trigger calls to this API. :-)

As there was some interest in this API (Atari standard unlike
NF_DEBUGGER NatFeats and Hatari's XBios(255)), I decided to
commit it anyway (later today).

	- Eero

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