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Le 15/04/2016 20:52, Roger Burrows a écrit :
I've been doing some performance tweaks in EmuTOS recently, and it is much more
convenient to test them under Hatari than on my real ST.  Occasionally I've had
results that surprised me, so I have compared the timings running under Hatari
and on a real ST.  Timings were based on clock ticks.  In all the cases I
checked, Hatari timings were within 1% of ST timings, and the variability in ST
timings was around 0.5% anyway.

So congratulations to everyone, a very fine job!



it depends on what method you used, and against which type of ST you compared (pal, ntsc, there can be some variations). But in fact, to run all the overscan demos and similar tricks, I would say that current accuracy should even be nearly 100% compared to a real ST.

The biggest challenge will be to get the same level with falcon emulation :)

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