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On 02/25/2016 01:08 AM, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
Le 24/02/2016 23:54, Eero Tamminen a écrit :
I cannot tell whether Steven has contributed anything
to Hatari.  Quick search didn't show any mails from
"Steven Seagal" on any of the Hatari tuxfamily or earlier
BerliOS & Sourceforge mailing lists (i.e. within last ~10
years).  Is that the correct name to search for?

I don't think he was on some of our ML. I only saw him in atari-forum.

I searched atari-forum Hatari section, and didn't see even single
contribution from him there either.

don't remember if he specifically pointed to some bugs in Hatari, it's
more about broad discussions about emulation that could apply to Steem
and/ot sometimes to Hatari.

Ok.  I think authors.txt is for contributions (whether
bug reports, patches or testing) that are directly aimed at
Hatari, and for code that we include to Hatari from other

IMHO listing small improvements to common knowledge about Atari HW
in  general, belong somewhere else.  If we would begin listing HW
info sources, we should start by listing all the great documents
(ST internals, Compedium etc) first, not Steven's forum posts... :-)

Btw. I've never seen .STT images, are there any programs
/ demos, that wouldn't be available in other formats?

Not that I know ; this was an internal format made by steem author,
something more evolved that basic .ST, because it could hold track,
sector of different size and a few fdc specific format. An example of a
demo that used it was the Union demo (which used 5 1024 bytes sectors
and 1 512 bytes sectors). But it couldn't hold variable bit cells or
fuzzy sectors, so many games' protection would not have worked anyway.

I think they dropped dev on STT format when STX/Pasti was released,
because the later one superseded STT in all area. As such, I don't see
the point of porting such format under Hatari.

Ok, I removed that from todo.txt.

	- Eero

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