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On 02/23/2016 02:39 AM, David Savinkoff wrote:
I would like to acknowledge the GPLv3 Steem emulator.
The patch is a suggestion.

I cannot tell whether Steven has contributed anything
to Hatari.  Quick search didn't show any mails from
"Steven Seagal" on any of the Hatari tuxfamily or earlier
BerliOS & Sourceforge mailing lists (i.e. within last ~10
years).  Is that the correct name to search for?

While for external code projects (like Steem itself),
authors.txt additions can be done by us, I think in
case of real people, their opinion should be asked on:
- Does the person want his name in the authors.txt?
- What exact name & email he would want to have there?
- What contributions he would like to be listed?

ps. note that Steem is mentioned in /doc/todo.txt

It lists end user functionality in in Steem and Monst
debugger GUIs which cannot yet be achieved using Hatari
CLI debugger commands, and a comment about potentially
adding support for Steem's own disk image format.

Btw. I've never seen .STT images, are there any programs
/ demos, that wouldn't be available in other formats?

	- Eero

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