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Le 23/02/2016 01:39, David Savinkoff a écrit :

I would like to acknowledge the GPLv3 Steem emulator.
The patch is a suggestion.

David Savinkoff

ps. note that Steem is mentioned in /doc/todo.txt


let's see later ; over the years, I found his behaviour to be often harsh and not very friendly (blaming all the people that mentionned Hatari and not Steem for example).

Seeing his overexagerated post on atari-forum is not a way to react, it would have been much wiser to send an email first, as Steem was mentionned in some older commits, so it's not as if we're trying to ignore Steem.

(and as for steem being gpl3 and respecting the gpl, it's another topic of contradiction that steven should fix instead of jumping on other people ... (many 3rd parts used in Steem were not gpl3 compliant last time this was discussed in atari-forum) )

Apart from that, I still think that Steem is a great emulator :)


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