Re: [hatari-devel] 24-bit addressing and the TT

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On 21.02.2016 19:53, Roger Burrows wrote:
> I noticed a recent change in Hatari behaviour, probably due to changeset 6067.  
> Let me explain the background.
> My Hatari config is set up for ST/68000, and booting EmuTOS.  While doing 
> recent TT mode testing, I've been starting Hatari with "hatari --machine tt".  
> Normally I expect to get the information screen.  However, recent changes have 
> caused it to be bypassed.  I think that what's happening is:
> 	. my default config has 24-bit addressing
> 	. specifying "--machine tt" doesn't override this
> 	. as a result, Hatari boots in a TT with 24-bit addressing
> 	. EmuTOS doesn't mind this, but TOS3 crashes
> 	. the recent changeset patches memvalid to avoid the TOS3 crash
> 	. when EmuTOS sees memvalid is OK, it assumes a warm boot & bypasses the 
> initial screen
> This is irritating, but I can obviously work around it.  But I think the fix is 
> misjudged.  I believe that users expect 32-bit addressing on a TT: why not just 
> force it, then no need to patch memvalid, and EmuTOS and TOS3 are both happy?

32-bit addressing is still quite "new" in Hatari, so I'd like to keep
that hack for now, so that users have the possibility to test with the
old and new behavior.
But you're right - the hack is specific to the original TOS, it should
not be applied when running with EmuTOS. So I've added a simple check
for EmuTOS there now so that it is not applied there anymore.


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