[hatari-devel] 24-bit addressing and the TT

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I noticed a recent change in Hatari behaviour, probably due to changeset 6067.  
Let me explain the background.

My Hatari config is set up for ST/68000, and booting EmuTOS.  While doing 
recent TT mode testing, I've been starting Hatari with "hatari --machine tt".  
Normally I expect to get the information screen.  However, recent changes have 
caused it to be bypassed.  I think that what's happening is:
	. my default config has 24-bit addressing
	. specifying "--machine tt" doesn't override this
	. as a result, Hatari boots in a TT with 24-bit addressing
	. EmuTOS doesn't mind this, but TOS3 crashes
	. the recent changeset patches memvalid to avoid the TOS3 crash
	. when EmuTOS sees memvalid is OK, it assumes a warm boot & bypasses the 
initial screen

This is irritating, but I can obviously work around it.  But I think the fix is 
misjudged.  I believe that users expect 32-bit addressing on a TT: why not just 
force it, then no need to patch memvalid, and EmuTOS and TOS3 are both happy?


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