Re: [hatari-devel] alt-gr not recognized anymore with sdl2

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Le 26/01/2016 21:42, Thomas Huth a écrit :
On 26.01.2016 12:42, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
Le 18/01/2016 20:53, Thomas Huth a écrit :
On 17.01.2016 18:40, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:

it seems some of the recent changes broke alt-gr key under linux, when I
use it I now get :

Warning: Unhandled scancode 0xe6!

so I'm unable to use shortcut + modifier

It worked a few days ago with sdl2.

If I recompile with sdl1, alt-gr works again.
I have 2 linux PC with the same problem, but in both cases I had an
update to the recent sdl 2.0.4 from early january (before I had 2.0.3).
Maybe 2.0.4 broke sthg ? Can you try installing 2.0.4 to see if you get
the same problem ?

I just installed SDL 2.0.4 here and I see the same problem: AltGr is not
handled as modifier key anymore. It works fine when using one of the
"Windows" keys instead, so you can use that as workaround...

If it works for david with "SDL.9893 (SDL2 pre 2.04 from HG) Oct. 11 2015", maybe there's a diff relating to keys in between ?

I can use the left window key 400000e3 as a modifier, but it's also intercepted by KDE, so I get my shortcuts under Hatari but also various kde menus appearing :(


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