Re: [hatari-devel] alt-gr not recognized anymore with sdl2

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On 17.01.2016 18:40, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
> Hello
> it seems some of the recent changes broke alt-gr key under linux, when I
> use it I now get :
> Warning: Unhandled scancode 0xe6!
> so I'm unable to use shortcut + modifier
> It worked a few days ago with sdl2.
> If I recompile with sdl1, alt-gr works again.

Sounds very strange, just like AltGr is not recognized as modifier but
only as a "normal" key instead. Did you change anything to your host
keyboard mapping? Does it work differntly when you change from scancode
mapping to symbolic mapping in the GUI? And what do you get when you run
Hatari with "--trace keymap" ?


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