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Le 04/11/2015 00:38, Bob Carpenter a écrit :
> Anders,
> Yes, I have XQuartz installed on my system and it finds the PNG library when compiling Hatari. The release packages have been done by either Jerome or Troed. I am hopeful one of them will be able to do it again for the next release since they either embed a PNG framework or link the library inside of the OS X package.
> If I end up producing the release version, then I will definitely have to work out a way either for the cmake script to not detect my PNG library or find a way to embed it into Hatari itself. Normally, I just produce executables for my personal use until the official binary is released.

The only and good way to avoid these problems is to use only frameworks,
that will be embedded in the release.
cmake always use framework first if it find them in your
Library/Frameworks folder

Currently, I have those Frameworks:

CAPSImage (4.1)
Readline (5)
SDL or SDL2 Framework

I need to find a libz framework (there is)


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