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sunnuntai 18 lokakuu 2015 14:02:21 David Savinkoff kirjoitti:
> I'm concerned that libudev is an additional (not fully portable)
> dependency for Hatari.
> Maybe there should be some discussion.

That doesn't change things for end users as it will be
optional, like most of Hatari's current dependencies [1].

The options how Uwe will add the media detection are:
1. Don't build NF scsidrv support if libudev is missing, or
2. Disable just media change detection if libudev is missing

Either is fine with me, but 2) would be nicer for the users.

Additional dependencies, whether they're optional or not,
need to be documented in readme.txt.

	 - Eero

[1] As stated in readme.txt:

- The SDL library v1.2.10 or newer (
- The zlib compression library (

- The PNG image library for PNG format screenshots and to decrease
  AVI video recording file sizes (
- The GNU Readline library for Hatari debugger command line editing
- The Xlib library to support Hatari Python UI window embedding on
  systems with the X window system (Linux and other unixes) 
- The portaudio library for Falcon microphone handling
- The IPF support library (

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